Club Members Comments

Jerry and Nancy Thompson
Nancy and I have been active in the club since that ’95 coupe.  We’ve met so many great people and had some really good friendships come out of the club.  One of my favorite things to do is to drive back roads, especially in the mountains, to interesting places, eat well and have fun.  I love all the club stuff—concourse, rally, tours  and the track.  I’ve been so blessed to have cars I wanted and loved (most of them), and that Nancy is so supportive/enabling of my sickness.

Ray and Donna Horn

After acquiring my first BMW a few years ago, a friend suggested that I join the BMW Car Club of America, which has a local chapter in Chattanooga TN, Choo Choo Bimmers. Being a “car-guy” with car mechanic skills, I expected a group of technical enthusiasts with a passion for the marquee, who might sit around at club meetings discussion brake pads and turbochargers. What I found was a wonderful social group of great people who love all things in life, including all cars German. I thank the Club members for inviting me into this rare fraternity and look forward each month to our regularly scheduled meetings and our club events.